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Charlie Herro '19 heads to Kansas University for Accelerated BA/JD Program
Charlie Herro '19 heads to Kansas University for Accelerated BA/JD Program

Senior Charlie Herro found his passion in the Mock Trial courtroom. For three of his four years in Mock Trial, he played the part of an attorney, arguing cases in front of real judges in the San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City. So what's next for Herro? He will be enrolled in an accelerated, six-year combination undergraduate and law degree program at Kansas University. Herro can't wait to become an attorney and plans to couple a law degree with an undergraduate major in political science. He hopes to one day move to Washington, D.C. to be close to the political action.

Herro has been busy at Serra even outside the courtroom. He carried a challenging course load that included AP Physics, AP Literature and AP Government. He played water polo all four years and was an active member of the Democracy Club. The Serra brotherhood and the strong sense of community had a huge impact on Herro. He credits his dedicated teachers for helping him reach his potential and find strengths he didn't know he had.

"The teachers at Serra really want to see you succeed," Herro said. "They create a positive environment where we can all do our best. Take Mr. Stapleton, for example. He was very direct about what was wrong with my essays. They rambled and weren't very coherent. I didn't want to hear it, but he inspired me and made me work harder. I'm a much better writer today because of him and I know that will be helpful for me in the future."

Herro, an alumnus of Mount Carmel, will attend Kansas University in August. He is ready for a new adventure, as well as many more essays and arguments on his way to becoming a lawyer.