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Freshmen Celebrate their Moms at the Mother-Son Mass
Freshmen Celebrate their Moms at the Mother-Son Mass

Serra freshmen spent the morning with their moms on Friday during the Freshman Mother-Son Mass. Campus Ministry Program Director Zach Lantz said the Mass celebrated the beginning of high school and welcomed the mothers of freshmen into the Serra community.

"It was very touching," said May Huang. "My son and I have a special bond. It was an honor and a privilege to be with him."

"My mom does a lot for me, so I was very grateful to spend time with her at the Mother-Son Mass," said Jason Huang '22.

Nate Valdez '22 spoke during the Mass about how mothers send prayers for their sons during their high school years.

"Our good deeds and actions are prayers," he added. "My mom does a million and one things for me, and so they are are a million and one prayers."

Xavier Kendall-Protacio '22 said it was nice to spend time with his mother, since they both have extremely busy lives at the moment.

"The Mass was a great way for us to connect during Xavier's transition to high school," Jennifer Protacio said. "It's such a happy time."