Oxfam Hunger Banquet Highlights World Hunger
Oxfam Hunger Banquet Highlights World Hunger

The Tri-School community joined the movement to end hunger Tuesday night at Serra in an Oxfam Hunger Banquet sponsored by Serra's Campus Ministry and Art Departments. The volunteer-led event was offered to heighten students' understanding of the startling statistics surrounding world hunger.

Dinner was served to the 57 students who attended the event in the school cafeteria. Food was rationed in accordance to the random economic class they were assigned to as they entered the event. This equated to 20 percent with 80 percent of the resources. Eighty percent of the students had reduced dinners according to their designation.

According to Mary Dowden, French Teacher and Campus Ministry Immersion Coordinator, the event offered students a first-hand look at hunger inequity.

"I believe students got a real sense of what food disparity and economic insecurity feels like," Dowden said. "It was a really successful evening because we learned about various factors leading to hunger inequality," she noted.

A speaker from San Jose Catholic Worker House shared his experience in working with people on such inadequate food margins. Oxfam International is a global organization dedicated to bringing awareness and ultimately ending world hunger. More information can be accessed on the Oxfam International website.