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Padres Participate in Service from a Distance
Padres Participate in Service from a Distance

Service is a fundamental part of the overall experience at Serra High School, and even though school has been shut down due to the global health crisis, some students feel that now is more important than ever to serve from afar.

Last week during the Distance Learning Activity Period, students participated in a letter writing campaign. Students attended a Zoom meeting and collectively wrote letters of encouragement and affirmation to residents in local agencies that provide care for the elderly and sick. Residents at the San Carlos Elms received letters of inspiration, as well as the retired priests who live next door to the Serra campus in the priest house.

"Many of these individuals are unable to have visitors during this time and receiving letters from our Padres will provide some comfort and joy to them," said Christian Cahill, Christian service coordinator. "This is a great way for our Padres to show that they are men of service."

Students are encouraged to seek unique ways to help serve others during these uncertain times. Letter writing is a great way to make someone feel less isolated during the state Shelter in Place order, Cahill said.