Serra Art Students Support the Memory Project
Serra Art Students Support the Memory Project
On the wall outside the Serra art rooms are stunning pencil portraits of beautiful children in need. Through an extraordinary art program, The Memory Project, Serra Padres help disadvantaged children in countries around the world every year. The Winter Art Show raised $1,234 for orphans in Colombia and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

"I am consistently impressed by how well our students do on the portraits of children so early in a beginning art class," said Sr. Celeste Nuttman, RSM. "The drawings look like the children they are meant to portray–wow!"

The portraits are incredibly realistic, and the art students said they spent a lot of time refining their techniques and striving for accuracy.

"I wanted Asley to be proud of her portrait and be happy with the way it looks," said senior Perry Newman. "I spent so much time perfecting minor details. I really wanted to make Asley happy by making the portrait look like her. I tried to be as accurate as possible."

"I worked extremely hard on this project," said senior Caelan Dytioco. "I put a lot of time into it because I wanted to make a good drawing for the kid I had, Samuel. I hope he likes it and recognizes himself from my artwork."