Warriors Announcer Talks to Business Innovation Club
Warriors Announcer Talks to Business Innovation Club

Golden State Warriors Announcer Bob Fitzgerald '84 spoke to members of the Business Innovation Club last week. The Padres were captivated by Fitzgerald's stories and his unique career path. He stressed the values of hard work, excellent communication skills and following one's passion. He also cautioned the Padres not to spend too much time on social media.

"It's so important to get off your phones and connect with people," said Fitzgerald, a voracious reader. "It's important to be well-read. I would suggest reading everything from news to politics to stories about technology, so you will be well-rounded. Start your day by reading interesting articles, and get off the texting. Be curious, learn and listen."

One of the most recognizable sports personalities in the Bay Area, Fitzgerald is the television play-by-play announcer for the Warriors on CSN Bay Area. He has received six Emmy nominations for "Best On-Camera" and was awarded the Emmy for "Best on-Camera, Play-by-Play Sports" for Northern California in 2007 and 2014. Fitzgerald also is the co-host of the popular "Fitz and Brooks" show on KNBR 680..

Fitzgerald enjoyed visiting his alma mater, and he encouraged the boys to embrace networking opportunities.

"Most people want to help you," he said. "However, there is a fine line between being persistent and being a pest, so be careful of that."

"Mr. Fitzgerald helped us to understand the value of listening to others," said Business Innovation Club President Garrett Fetisoff '19. We learned that making connections will create opportunities. He said it's important to listen to others and told us, 'That's why we have two ears and one mouth.' The Serra students were thrilled to hear Mr. Fitzgerald speak, and a few teachers even attended."

The Business Innovation Club is moderated by Barb Luis, who teaches history and design thinking at Serra. The club provides a forum for students to discuss exciting ideas and meet successful entrepreneurs from a wide range of professional fields: finance, real estate, technology, biochemistry and more.