Serra's Global Leadership Program


Serra’s groundbreaking Global Leadership Program is designed exclusively for boys who are ready to embark on a transformative educational journey.

Our program is dedicated to empowering young minds, fostering independent thinking and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.
Serra’s Global Leadership Program is a dynamic academic path that encourages students to explore their passion and create a unique direction of study that aligns with their interests. Whether it is engineering, business, health, or the arts, students have the freedom to shape their educational experience through the Global Leadership Program.
Throughout the course of their studies, students are mentored on their progress and complete the program with a capstone project that is mission-focused on global awareness and innovative service.

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Sample Areas of Concentration


How it works . . .  

Students explore their interests, passions and strengths:

Students begin by completing a Global Leadership Seminar class, a nontraditional class that allows students to explore the intersection of innovation and leadership and to develop ideas for an individual project. They then apply for acceptance into the program. Once accepted, students choose their academic focus and align it with their interests.

The concentration aligns with a student's passion:

Upon acceptance into the program, students select an area of concentration that aligns with their passion. This concentration includes a multi-year course of study within the college preparatory program and is supported by co-curricular activities. These courses and co-curriculars deepens the students' learning and develops the content knowledge and skills to execute their capstone project.  

Collaborating on a global scale helps open up new opportunities for students: 

Students learn about leaders from a variety of national and cultural settings and develop an open-mindedness, humility and inclusion of differences. This allows them to see the challenges from a broad perspective, and use that information to develop effective solutions. Students have the opportunity to hear from and connect with students and professionals in various countries. 

Students are called upon to become leaders:

Serra calls all students to be leaders by using their unique gifts in a way that improves the human condition. Leadership lies as the heart of the program as they respond to a need and develop a project of service. We are developing intellectually curious, socially responsible leaders. This program represents applied learning in its highest form.

The program is catered to how boys learn: 

Data shows that boys thrive in an environment full of choices. The GLP offers students scaffolded opportunities to explore their academic identity, assume responsibility and ownership of their learning and connect it to their specific interests and passions. 

Students receive special designation that promotes college recognition:

Students who successfully complete the GLP will receive a special designation on their high school transcripts that identify the student as one who designed and accomplished a rigorous, self-directed learning curriculum within a college preparatory learning environment. 

Students are mentored by skilled and supportive faculty: 

The GLP is focused on a set of progressive experiences that shape a student and his distinctive talents. The work is guided by a skilled mentor and it is focused on service, tying the effort and the student’s growth into the very mission of the school to develop men who will make a difference in the world. 

The program is based on the design thinking model:

Students learn and apply the design thinking model when identifying and implementing their leadership projects. They focus on empathy and the development of insightful questions to reveal problems worth solving. Students also continually reiterate their project as it progresses. Learn more about design thinking and Serra's Design-Led Innovation Program here.

Presentation of Capstone Project: 

The Capstone Project helps students set something of their own in motion, overcome challenges and learn to convey the story of that effort. Innovative service in support of the common good lies at the heart of Serra’s mission. The Capstone Project provides a concrete and real-world application for a student to become personally and passionately involved in service. This is a powerful tool for students when competing for university admissions, pursuing internship and job opportunities and launching their own businesses.

Learn what our students are doing!

Phillip Engstrom and Mateo Soto

Our project is Game Givers, in which we refurbish and donate gaming consoles for younger patients to combat unhappiness and boredom in the hospital.

Vince Nunez

My project is called SilverCycle, which encourages and benefits the seniors of our community to exercise through cycling.

Carter May

I became inspired while taking a course in Introduction to Business: Marketing. I am now the founder, creator and interviewer of my own podcast called How High Can You Jump?  

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Sample Narratives

Enjoy reading a couple sample narratives below!



Third Annual
Creative Solutions for the Global Good
International Showcase

Serra conducts an annual showcase where students from the Creative Solutions for the Global Good class present their projects during an annual international showcase with students from Parklands College in Cape Town, South Africa, a  PK-12th grade school. Both schools value the intersection of innovation and service. Now in its fourth year, students are working to present their completed projects in May. 
The audience consisted of more than 100 supporters from 20 countries including South Africa, Lebanon, Rwanda, Uganda, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, India, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong and the United States. 

Watch the 2023 showcase of how students are using technology and creative insights to make a difference in the lives of others.

Meet Serra's Global Leadership Team

Rushton Hurley
Design-Led Innovation Director
Creative Solutions for the Global Good
Advanced Solutions for the Global Good

Rushton Hurley is an international speaker on education who has been working with Serra for the past 13 years. He has lived, worked and taught around the world for decades, and brings invaluable insights and professional connections to the Design-Led Innovation program.



Rita Lee
Assistant Principal of Academics
Creative Solutions for the Global Good
Advanced Solutions for the Global Good

With advanced degrees from Stanford and Harvard, Rita Lee has developed some of the school's most innovative curricula and programs over her 18-year career at Serra. She is the driving force behind our Design-Led Innovation Program.


Serra is preparing students for careers that do not yet exist.