Honors and AP Courses

It isn’t about the path, it’s all about the journey!

Serra students are challenged to push themselves academically and are encouraged to develop educational plans with their goals and interests in mind. With the support of his counselor and his teachers, each Padre designs a learning pathway based on his career interests and college goals, which allows him the flexibility to adjust each year as his focus on college becomes clearer. For many students, this includes the opportunity to take Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Some students start freshman year in Honors, while others grow into the program. Typically, about 45 percent of incoming first-year students have one or more Honors classes on their schedules. Many students opt into the program later, during their sophomore, junior or senior years. By graduation, more than 60 percent of students have Honors and/or AP classes on their transcripts.

Students who qualify for and enroll in Honors and AP courses will find teachers who are deeply knowledgeable in their subject areas. They see their students’ success as their own success. The curriculum for AP classes is aligned to the College Board’s AP standards. In most cases, Honors classes are designed to move students toward achievement of the AP standards. Students in Honors and AP classes earn an extra grade point, which is factored into the weighted grade point average that colleges and universities request from all students.

Serra students are prepared and thriving in our AP courses, with pass rates 20 points above the national average.

Serra is offering 30 Honors and AP courses in all major subject areas for the 2020-2021 school year. 

I took AP Physics and AP English at Serra, and I'm grateful for the enriching teachers who challenged me. I came to Serra as a shy freshman, but I'm leaving with a greater sense of confidence. I'm ready for my college experience!"

- Rami Muhawieh '19
UC Davis