Honors and AP Courses

In addition to the range of college-preparatory core courses and electives, Serra offers courses that are designated as honors or Advanced Placement (AP). Students are encouraged to take these courses, if they have met the prerequisites. This promotes an environment where students will be challenged at the highest possible levels. Students in these classes earn an extra grade point (A=5 points, B=4 points, etc.) which is factored into the weighted grade point average that colleges and universities request from all students.

The curriculum for AP classes is aligned to the College Board’s AP standards. In most cases, honors level classes are designed to move students toward achievement of the AP standards.


Honors or AP Courses


Honors English 1-2
Honors English 3-4
AP English Language (Juniors)
AP English Literature (Seniors)

Social Studies

Honors World History 1
Honors World History 2/American Studies
AP US History
AP Government
AP Psychology


Honors Algebra 1
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 2-Trigonometry
Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science A


Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics C
AP Biology
AP Chemistry

World Languages

Honors Spanish 3-4
Honors Spanish 5-6
AP Spanish
AP Mandarin

Arts AP Art History