Academic insights into the Serra Curriculum

Dr. Tara Mann: Science in the Serra Classroom

Six-Part Series

In this six part series, Dr. Mann describes how she engages students in a modern science classroom.

Serra's Curriculum Explained

Three-part Series

In this three-part series, English teacher Joel Ferrando '90, explores the rigor and components of Serra's standards-based curriculum.

Dr. Chris Buckels '01: Critical Thinking

Five-part Series

Using the four year Theology progression, Dr. Chris Buckles '01 explains in this five-part series how and why critical thinking is incorporated into the Serra curriculum.

Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Opportunities at Serra

Former Assistant Principal of Academics, Keith Strange, shares that the "typical" Serra student is not "average".

Academic Departments

In each of these academic department videos, teachers walk through the four year progression and explain each department's goals and objectives.

Serra Conversations: College Counseling

With a upper division counselor to student ratio of 1 to 130, it is easy for counselors and students to connect and plan together.