Critical Thinking in the Curriculum

In this five-part series, Theology Department Chair Dr. Chris Buckels '01 and colleague Miguel Martinez explain how critical thinking is built directly into the Theology curriculum. The four year progression mirrors what the other departments do to build critical thinking into their lessons.


Examining Critical Thinking Truths

In part one, Dr. Buckels '01 explains the four year Theology progression, emphasizing what the main critical thinking focus for grade 9 is - distinguishing between the different kinds of truth.


Moral Thinking

Part two explores the moral issues that Grade 10 students deal with. Identifying assumptions and understanding multiple points of view, skills introduced in grade 9, are reinforced in a safe and nurturing environment.


Applying Critical Thinking Skills

Having built a strong understanding of the skills needed to be strong critical thinkers, students in grade 11 work on applying those skills to their own faith journeys, tackling difficult conflicts in critical thinking. Part four particularly focuses on the debate structure created in class.



Making Personal Connections

In Part 4, Dr. Buckels '01 explains how the start of senior year focuses on challenging students to critically think about their own lives in connection to truth. Students are asked to consider multiple perspectives as they navigate their self assessment.



Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Society

Dr. Buckels '01 shares in Part 5 how students are challenged to apply the critical thinking skills they have been mastering while at Serra to society.