Applying for Financial Aid

Serra utilizes the services of TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) to help determine a family’s eligibility for financial aid. All required documentation and payment must be sent directly to TADS.

Serra is committed to preserving confidentiality throughout the financial aid process. Therefore, the school requires that all recipients of financial aid sign a letter of acceptance and confidentiality agreement.

First priority for financial aid will be given to applicants who have submitted completed applications by the required deadline. Late or incomplete applications are at risk for full consideration.

Financial Aid FAQs

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline for returning families to apply is November 16, 2018. The deadline for incoming 9th graders to apply is February 8, 2019.

Late applications will be considered, if there are still funds available.

Should I wait until my child is accepted before applying for Financial Aid?

No. A common misconception among first-time applicant families is that they should wait to hear about their child’s admission before applying for Financial Aid. Under no circumstances is it recommended that you wait, due to the timing of the admission notification which falls after the financial aid deadline. There is a risk that funds will have already been allocated by this time.

What are the expectations regarding divorced or separated families requesting Financial Aid?

Serra’s Financial Aid Committee has mandated that the school must consider the assets of both natural parents, if living, before making any award of Financial Aid. The school cannot be bound by the claim that one parent denies responsibility for educational expenses. In view of this policy, both natural parents, are required to complete the Financial Aid application form and to provide financial information. In addition, it is the responsibility of the primary custodial parent to ask the non-custodial parent to fill out the additional application.

Until this information is provided, the Financial Aid application will be considered incomplete and the School will be unable to make a decision on the application. If either parent has remarried or is living with another adult who is contributing to the household income, the School will consider the assets of the stepparent or live-in person, always bearing in mind that the primary responsibility for payment rests with the natural parents.

What is the School’s expectation regarding a non-working parent?

Both parents are expected to make every attempt to contribute financially to the education of their child. If there is a non-working spouse in a family with no children below school age, the School’s policy requires that a statement be provided explaining why.

Does Serra offer full tuition assistance?

Our program is designed to help those families who, even with their sacrifices, are unable to afford full tuition. You should expect to pay something as a private school education is a partnership between the school and the family.

Are all requests for financial aid met?

Each year, Serra receives more requests for assistance than the budget allows. While we strive to provide assistance to all qualified applicants, unfortunately Serra is not able to fund all students who have demonstrated need. Some applicants may be placed on the Financial Aid waiting list.

Need assistance?

You may contact TADS for assistance completing the application or to check application status.
TADS does not have award information.

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