Affordability - Parent Perspectives


The professionalism of the JSHS Business Office staff has been nothing but exceptional. Their support, compassion and understanding regarding such a delicate matter always has made me feel comfortable. We only wanted the best for our son and didn’t want our financial situation to impact him from getting the best education.

- Parent of a sophomore


As a middle class family, affording private Catholic high school for our son was a dream that we always considered being way beyond our reach. The support, willingness and understanding of the directives and the Financial Aid Office at Serra have made it a reality. My son has been given an opportunity he otherwise would not have had. Their kindness has touched us and has impacted our lives in a way they will never know.

- Parent of a Serra junior


Serra High School Catholic education changes lives. Financial aid has given our son a future. We are fortunate that we are able to receive financial aid. We are able to make affordable monthly payments. Financial Aid Manager Maryann O’Leary has been a great help to our family and is always available to answer questions. She has gone that extra mile to make our son feel comfortable and to be part of this great school. Our family could not have picked a better school and we are very pleased.

- Parents of a senior


We have been extremely pleased with our experience at Serra High School. Every day is a reminder that we made the right decision in sending our son to Serra. Thank you for turning our dream into a reality!

- Parents of a sophomore


Education is priceless. Our meeting with the financial aid office was life changing. They worked with us and were very helpful in making it happen. We are so appreciative of the education our son is receiving. Meeting with the Financial Aid Office can offer options from financial assistance to flexible payment plans.

- Parent of a junior


The Business Office went above and beyond to help us make sure we could send our son to Serra. You can’t put a price tag on a Serra education. At Serra, you will receive an outstanding education, brotherhood, community and family. If you are worried about financial matters, please contact the Business Office. It’s well worth the reward of becoming a Padre!

- Parent of a sophomore


My son has loved every moment of attending this amazing school. From excellent academics, clubs and extracurricular activities to forming solid friendships and being mentored by teachers, I can say that my son is truly blessed that he was able to attend Serra. As a single Mom, I knew I wanted my son surrounded by positive men. I knew I wanted him to grow in his faith in an increasingly challenging society and to surpass me academically and intellectually, so he could be competitive not just locally, but globally, in an ever-shrinking world. Serra’s generous financial aid package allowed my son to experience the best four years of his life. Each time I contacted the Financial Aid Office, I was treated with respect and compassion. Thank you for helping me to raise a decent, compassionate, educated young man.

- Parent of a 2019 graduate