A Padre's Journey 

Padres step on campus and craft paths unique to them. Below are just a few of the journeys.

At Serra, Pablo Ossio '21 was encouraged to find a balance between academics, campus ministry and his interest in athletics.

Pablo entered Serra as a freshman hoping to eventually become an orthodontist. Gradually, however, Pablo became inspired by the courses that he took involving politics, morals, ethics, and spirituality. Today, Pablo leaves Serra with a passion to study law. Check out his journey.


Finding the right balance between academics and extracurriculars helps students discover who they truly are.

As a nervous freshman, Varun Popli ‘22 thought he knew exactly what he wanted to focus on in high school. Once he stepped foot on campus, however, exciting and unexpected pathways in academics and the arts opened up. Watch his story!


The journey taken by Sean O'Brien '18 at Serra was made in a supportive and safe environment.

A junior at U.C. Berkeley triple majoring in computer science, cognitive science, and applied mathematics, Sean believes it was the depth and breadth of learning at Serra that propelled him to test himself academically and prepared him with the confidence he needed to succeed in college. Listen to his journey.


Connor Bernard ‘19 decided to attend Serra because he believed the school and its community would help him realize his college dreams.  

Recognizing his academic struggles, Connor utilized Serra’s renowned Academic Resource Center (ARC) to aid him in his pursuit of attending one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Now in his freshman year at U.C. Berkeley, Connor claims he couldn’t have achieved his goals without his journey at Serra. Hear more about his experience.


Having the courage to try new things at Serra and learn from your experiences helps to create a true transformation in a young man. 

Raphael Santos ‘21 remembers his decision to choose to study French over Spanish as a freshman at Serra. What seemed like a risk at the time turned out to be a life-changing opportunity for Raphael. Share in his journey.  


The only impossible journey is the one that you never begin.

Here at Serra High School, we believe each student steps on campus with a path unique to him. Hear how Cory Syme '20 chose to pilot his journey and get involved at Serra High School.


Planning and maneuvering through your academic high school career takes precision and support.

Serra is not a one-size fits-all type of environment. Just ask Sri Erra '20, who tested into AP Calculus as a sophomore. With an early acceptance to Dartmouth, Sri believes that it was his Serra community that believed in him when at times he didn’t believe in himself.


With incredible support from teachers, peers, counselors and coaches, Serra students benefit from a tight-knit community.

For Logan Azem '20, the Serra community is something he will always hold dear to his heart. The friends he made through retreats, on the field and in the classroom will remain his friends for life. Logan says his teachers and mentors on campus helped him to succeed in his high school experience.


Humility has carried Nate Sanchez on his successful path at Serra High School.

Growing up in the San Francisco, Nate wanted more from his community. Sanchez says today that his future is bright due to the countless life lessons he learned at Serra.



Spiritual maturity is not something that only comes with time; it is something that comes with focus, faith and exposure.

Will Mauer '20 never expected his most memorable week of his high school years to be his week at Kairos. It’s simply where his spiritual journey took him. Follow his journey.