A Padre's Journey . . . The only impossible journey is the one that you never begin.

Here at Serra High School, we believe that each student steps on campus with a path unique to him. From the time a student is accepted at Serra, the journey begins. 

Armed with faith, skills, leadership and critical thinking, Serra's teachers and counselors help to guide each student in the right direction. However, each student makes the journey their own by adding to it what they want. The real stories are those of perseverance, humility, commitment, mindfulness . . . 

Below are just a few of the journeys that some of our seniors have experienced at Serra. You might be surprised to learn that many of them happened outside the classroom and off the field.


Your journey is all your own at Serra, even if you are the fifth Padre in your family to graduate from Serra.

What you do at Serra depends completely on what you want to pursue. 

Every journey begins with the first step, but that step can be intimidating to make. 

Cory Syme knows that all too well. After graduating from Crocker Middle School in Hillsborough, Cory wasn’t sure he wanted to pursue a private, gender specific education. He had to be convinced that Serra could bring him out of his shell. 

Overcoming shyness, finding your inner voice and taking charge of your journey takes a lot of strength. Hear how Cory chose to pilot his journey and get involved at Serra High School.


Performing Arts helps us discern connections. Connections to emotion, philosophy, differences, and our own connections to the world around us.

During his journey at Serra, Max Leininger has played many roles. He was cast as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, Baby John in West Side Story, Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer and the athletic, charismatic protagonist, Ralph, in Lord of Flies this fall. 

As a freshman, Max decided to take a chance in theatre, something relatively foreign to him. His first role was in the ensemble in Oklahoma and through hard work, passion and focus, Max navigated the intense emotional art of performance and has become a valuable TriSchool actor. 

Throughout all of the singing, dancing and improvisation, Max said the role he has covetted most as Serra is playing the role of himself -- a Serra Padre.

Armed with a great deal of humility, a strong academic foundation, Max said his years at Serra have taught him to be accepting, open, passionate and kind. As he prepares to study theater in college, he feels ready to tackle the next stage of life. His show must go on.


Maneuvering and planning your academic high school career takes precision and support.

It’s not a one-size fits-all type of environment. Just ask Sri Erra, who tested into AP Calculus as a sophomore. His straight A record that he held throughout all four years of high school at Serra helped him to craft his journey -- paving the way to new experiences based on the support and encouragement of his teachers, counselors and fellow Padres. 

Exploring interests, trying new things and setting attainable goals helped Sri carve out a niche all his own. As varsity basketball team manager, Sri blended his skills -- his intense love of the game with his need for concrete data -- and created a program that he would use for team reporting for two years. He continued to excel in new areas, uniting intellect with passion. 

With an early acceptance to Dartmouth, Sri believes that it was his Serra community that believed in him when at times he didn’t believe in himself.


Humility has carried Nate Sanchez on his successful path at Serra High School.

From city kid to football and classroom legend, Sanchez says today that his future is bright due to the countless life lessons he learned at Serra.

"My journey began before I was even alive" 
-Nate Sanchez

We don't expect perfection in an applicant. We look for a candidate with a strong academic foundation, a genuine desire to be an active Padre, and a good heart.

Spiritual maturity is not something that only comes with time, it is something that comes with focus, faith and exposure.

Will Mauer never expected his most memorable week of his high school years to be his week at Kairos. It’s simply where his spiritual journey took him.

From his early days as a big brother sophomore year, to the Encounter team and to Kairos, Will has blended a traditional high school experience which includes football, spirit and academics and added to it a faith-based experience that has continued to pilot his path. As the school’s mascot, the Padre, Will wears his habit with pride, blending his love of his school with his intense devotion to his faith. 

Will believes nothing happens by mistake, and the formation of his unique path at Serra is just what his journey was intended to be. 


Faith at Serra is not relegated to a chapel at one end of campus. It is rather interwoven in the curriculum, the activities and the definition of brotherhood.

When Logan Azem came to Serra as a freshman, he remembers being concerned with the heavy Catholic influence the school produced. He was apprehensive about having to take theology classes as part of the curriculum. Ask Logan today, in the second semester of his senior year, and his response to the religious teaching at Serra might surprise you. 

Theology, he said, isn’t so much about worship but rather learning about different beliefs and how to be a better, more contributing member of society. Logan is a big brother, Kairos retreat leader and Encounter, all through Serra’s Campus Ministry program. He said these three programs have unlocked his interests in learning more about theology and applying it to the man he is today.