Daily Prayer

Monday, May 21, 2018

 Good morning, Padres. Please stop what you are doing and gather yourselves for prayer, on this the last day of morning prayer for the year. Let us silence ourselves now.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Lord who makes all things new
Help us to prepare for the week of finals ahead
Help us to prepare for the season of summer ahead

You bring hope to hopeless
And love to the loveless
We pray that you stir our spirit to be born again

Thank you for the year
Thank you for the gifts and blessings it has revealed to us

Let our time in class this year be like kindle
That going forth a mighty flame might arise
That we may be examples of the mighty wonders of God

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. 

Today's prayer COmposed by Serra Faculty.

Welcome to Faith & Service

At Serra, students experience spirituality and service in their daily lives—within and beyond the classroom. Our Campus Ministry program is at the heart of the school. Students plan liturgies and take part in reflective experiences such as the junior/senior Kairos retreat, which has a lifelong impact.

Serra provides a superior education that is grounded in the Catholic faith. Students don’t just learn about spirituality and service—they live it. Students deepen their spirituality not only in their theology classes, but across all program areas. By planning and participating in liturgies and prayer services, our Padres grow in their understanding of the Gospel.

Our service-learning program helps students to put their faith into action by making a difference in their local communities, nationally, and around the world. As each Serra student gives of himself in his own way, each graduating class performs tens of thousands of hours of Christian service. Serra Padres find daily opportunities to explore their faith.

At Serra, we educate the whole person—heart, mind, body and soul. Today’s teenagers are bombarded with conflicting messages about human dignity and moral values. The Serra High School community offers students a vision of faith, hope, love, mercy and justice. Based on Christ's example of servant leadership, we have committed ourselves to serving the students, faculty, and staff of the Serra community with our whole hearts.

Campus Ministry Staff

Mr. Rick Boesen

Mr. Rick Boesen

Mission and Brotherhood Co-Coordinator
Mr. Billy Byrnes

Mr. Billy Byrnes

Director of Campus Ministry
Mrs. Mary Dowden

Mrs. Mary Dowden

World Languages Department Chair, Immersion Coordinator
Fr. Dave Ghiorso

Fr. Dave Ghiorso

Mr. Zach Lantz

Mr. Zach Lantz

Retreat Director, Liturgist
Mr. Patrick Vallez-Kelly

Mr. Patrick Vallez-Kelly

Librarian, Campus Ministry Associate
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