Mission and Brotherhood

Upstanders, not bystanders

A community that strives to live the faith values that form who we are. 

The Padre brotherhood underpins every aspect of student life. Learning to live what it means to be a Padre brother is the driving force behind Serra’s Mission and Brotherhood program. Unique to Serra, Mission and Brotherhood is a student leadership and moral decision-making program based on gospel values that teaches our Padres how to make better decisions for themselves and to stand up for those who are not able to do so for themselves. 

This program is embedded in the school’s culture and supportive of its mission “to encourage each student to look critically at the diversity and challenges of our society and to make reasonable choices based on the Gospel values of justice and compassion.”

Padres are introduced to the program on their first day of school, when freshmen are partnered with Junior Big Brothers to explore the meaning and expectations of brotherhood. These peer-led groups meet regularly in an effort to build trust and respect and to foster a safe space where students can discuss relevant yet sensitive situations and issues facing teenage boys today. Throughout a Padres freshman and sophomore year, Senior Encounter Leaders take on leadership responsibilities and serve as role models for their younger brothers.

From friendship to leadership, the Serra brotherhood underpins every aspect of student life. Friendships grow organically among students who learn that lifelong, meaningful relationships are based on universal Gospel values, including respect, integrity, inclusion and compassion. There are a number of ways to get involved in leadership roles at Serra.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Nicholas Peruzzaro, LMFT
Mission and Brotherhood Coordinator
650.345.8207 ext. 6177


Themes and Speakers

Each year our Mission & Brotherhood program, which is central to Serra’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, is guided by a theme that plays out in discussion topics, activities and guest speakers.

School Year 2023-2024

Key Speakers: 
Themes: Self care; identifying personal struggles and finding health ways to cope and seek help.
  • Kevin Briggs, founder of Pivotal Points, uses his personal and professional experience to share a genuine and hopeful perspective on the topics of suicide prevention and mental health. 
  • Rocky Herron, a retired DEA Agent with three daughters, uses his life experiences to teach young people about the dangers of drugs. His message empowers young people to respect their potential in life and to make smart choices.

  • Michael Pritchard began his career on both the comedy stage and as a juvenile counselor in San Francisco’s Youth Guidance Center. The presentation “Big Changes, Big Choices,” incorporate themes such as bullying (including cyber), teasing, taunting, diversity, inclusion, respect for others and the dignity of life.  

  • Chris Han: Exercise and Nutrition

  • StarVista: Discussions about eating disorders and body image issues, more specifically, how they present themselves for young men  

  • LeDerick Horne is a dynamic spoken-word poet, an advocate for all people with disabilities, and an inspiring motivational speaker. 

  • Dr. Marlo: Stress and Anxiety

  • NAMI: Ending the Silence - Presentation about the warning signs of mental health conditions and steps to take if you or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental health condition.

School Year 2022-2023

Themes: Overcoming adversity with respect, integrity, inclusion and compassion, including The Dash, which explores adversity in four parts: respect, communication, boundaries and consent within all types of relationships.
Key Speakers: 
  • Ashanti Branch, founder and executive director of the Ever Forward Club, Fulbright Fellow, award-winning educator

  • Lt. James Curtis Bushman, United States Coast Guard, 9/11 first responder 

  • Aaron Golub, inspirational speaker and author, the first legally blind athlete to play Division 1 college football

School Year 2021-2022

Themes: The human dignity of each person: Looking at overcoming adversity, with focus on racism and gender respect and healthy boundaries within relationships.
Key Speakers: 
  • Ashanti Branch, founder and executive director of the Ever Forward Club, Fulbright Fellow, award-winning educator

  • One Love Foundation, an organization working to end relationship violence by educating the community on the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships


School Year 2020-2021 

Themes: Taking off the mask - a study of the metaphorical masks people wear to protect themselves from the rest of the world and how young men can find the ability to see themselves for who they are and not be afraid to be vulnerable.
Key Speaker:
  • Ashanti Branch, founder and executive director of the Ever Forward Club, Fulbright Fellow, award-winning educator



Kevin Briggs

LeDerick Horne

Michael Pritchard

Aaron Golub

Lt. James Curtis Bushman

Ashanti Branch