Mission & Brotherhood

Mission & Brotherhood is a student leadership and moral decision-making program based on gospel values in which the school aims to help promote “upstanding” behavior among our student body. 

The four-year process is embedded in the school culture, beginning the first day of freshman year as students are partnered with Junior Big Brothers. During their first year at Serra students learn the meaning of Brotherhood and the behavior expected as being a part of the Padre community.  These peer-led groups, known around campus by their shorthand name "advisories" continue in the sophomore and junior years, where the students meet with Senior Encounter Leaders.  These groups meet regularly throughout the year in an effort to build trust and respect.  This helps foster a safe space where students can discuss relevant yet sensitive situations and issues they face today, which include gender respect, health and wellness, social media use, etc. among others. 

It is our hope that through this program, which is unique to Serra,  our young men learn to make better decisions for themselves and to stand up for those who are not able to do so.  The objective is that our young Padres will transform into men of respect, integrity, compassion and inclusion.

From friendship to leadership, the Serra brotherhood underpins every aspect of student life. Friendships grow organically among students who learn that meaningful, lifelong relationships are based on universal  Gospel values including respect, integrity, inclusions and compassion. There are a number of ways to get involved in leadership roles at Serra..  

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