Serra retreats are designed help Padres to develop their faith in a nurturing environment. Retreats are offered all four years. They offer a quiet space for reflection, introspection, prayer, friendship and spirituality.

Freshman Retreat

The freshman retreat is held on the weekend before school starts. Incoming freshmen are welcomed by their Big Brothers and spend the day getting to know the campus and culture of Serra. They are introduced to what the brotherhood means and also go on a pilgrimage throughout campus. The theme of the retreat is Siempre Adelante, the motto of St. Junípero Serra. The retreat concludes with a welcome Mass for the freshmen and their parents, followed by dinner.

Sophomore Retreat

The sophomore retreat is a day-long retreat. The class is divided into four groups, so that a day can be spent with a smaller section of the class. This day focuses on the theme "Relationship with Others"—families, friends and healthy dating relationships. They are invited to reflect on how they treat these people with care and respect, and how God affects these roles in their lives. Student retreat leaders help to facilitate this retreat.

Junior/Senior Retreat: Kairos (God's Time)

One of the most significant and influential experiences Padres can have at Serra is the Kairos retreat. Kairos, an optional retreat open to juniors and seniors, is held at Vallombrosa Retreat Center. It has a become a remarkable tradition, and our students often say that their time on Kairos was their best memory at Serra. Kairos gives Padres the space to explore how God is working in various areas of their lives. Space is limited and it is a first-come, first-served sign-up process.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Zach Lantz
Retreat Coordinator
650.345.8207 ext. 156