Serra retreats are designed help to Padres to develop their faith in a nurturing environment. Retreats are offered all four years. They offer a quiet space for reflection, introspection, prayer, friendship and spirituality.
Camino de Padres Freshman Retreat

The Camino de Padres freshman retreat is a day retreat held in August during Welcome Weekend, Freshman spend the day in prayer and bonding with their classmates. They are introduced to brotherhood, contemplation, and the culture of servant leadership at Serra. The theme of the retreat is a camino; freshmen will be encouraged to contemplate the spiritual journey of being and becoming a Padre.

Sophomore Overnight Leadership Retreat

This retreat is an overnight two-day retreat that includes an added emphasis on identifying and developing a young man’s leadership capacity and talents. Students concentrate on themes of leadership and what it means to be a servant leader. The retreats are held in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

Imago Dei Junior Retreat

The theme and focus of this retreat comes from the phrase in Genesis: Imago Dei. Students will reflect on what it means to be made in the "image of God,” recognizing their own dignity as children of God. Juniors consider their own identity, purpose, and role as they grow to become the young men that God wants them to be.

Senior Kairos Retreat 

One of the most significant and influential experiences Padres can have at Serra is the Kairos retreat. Kairos, an optional retreat open to seniors, is held at Vallombrosa Retreat Center. It has become a remarkable tradition, and our students often say that their time on Kairos was their best memory at Serra. Kairos gives Padres the space to explore how God is working in various areas of their lives. Space is limited and it is a first-come, first-served sign-up process.


The Encounter team is the student leadership team of Campus Ministry. Encounter is a year-long program for senior leaders. The focus of the program is faith formation, leadership development, brotherhood and prayer. The team meets biweekly in the evenings. Students pray, reflect, journal and share with one another. These student leaders also lead freshman, sophomore and junior retreats, Kairos, justice programs, and participate in our liturgical celebrations.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Steven Olujic '13
Retreat Coordinator
650.345.8207 ext. 6157