Padre Life

From the classrooms to the hallways, to athletics competitions and the performance stage, the Serra community fosters camaraderie and an authentic sense of belonging—the foundation of genuine and lasting friendships.

High school is a journey, an opportunity for boys to explore unfamiliar challenges and to emerge as confident, analytical and focused young men who are inspired to live meaningful accomplished lives and who are prepared for college and the changing world ahead. 

Serra celebrates the unique talents and interests that each student brings to the campus community. We offer diverse opportunities for Padres to engage in activities, explore interests and talents, discover their passions, and find their direction in life. At Serra, a Padre is free to be himself—to be creative, an intellectual . . . to be genuine . . . to take chances . . . to express his questions and ideas, and to explore new endeavors in his expanding world.

Get involved and imagine the possibilities!