Padre Life

From the classrooms to the hallways, to the performance stage and athletic venues, the Serra community fosters camaraderie and an authentic sense of belonging—the foundation of genuine and lasting friendships.

Serra celebrates the unique talents and interests that each student brings to the campus community. We offer diverse opportunities for Padres to engage in activities, explore interests and talents, discover their passions, and find their direction in life—from playing in a jazz band or building a robot to arguing evidence at a mock trial, conversing with a Silicon Valley executive, or running for class president.

Imagine the possibilities!




Senior Class Council

Senior Class President
Nicolas Walan

Senior Class Vice President
Enoch Munn

Senior Class Secretary
Christopher Raymundo & Matthew Kamenski

Senior Class Athletic Officer
Mikey El Badry

Senior Class Spirit Commissioner
Matthew Bevilaqua

Senior Class Campus Ministry Officer
Luca Pagnucci

Senior Class Environmental Officer

Senior Class Performing Arts Officer

Senior Class SERT Officer
Deren Bog

Senior Class Video Commissioner

Junior Class Council

Junior Class President
Jack Olson

Junior Class Vice President
David Robertson

Junior Class Secretary
Howard Qin 

Junior Class Athletic Officer
Dante Bottari  

Junior Class Spirit Commissioner
Matthew Macha
& Dominic Sanguinetti    

Junior Class Campus Ministry Officer

Junior Class Environmental Officer
Daniel Heuer

Junior Class
Performing Arts Officer

Junior Class SERT Officer
Mack Benton

Junior Class Video Commissioner
Dale McCann

Sophomore Class Officers

Class President
Aeneas Bufiy

Class Vice President
Alex Guo

Class Secretary
Mathias Rhee

Class Athletic Officer
Mason Wehmeyer

Class Spirit Commissioner
Bruno Faoro

Class Campus Ministry Officer
Luke Green

Class Environmental Officer
Joshua Lau

Class Performing Arts Officer
 Ian Ting

Class SERT Officer
Gavin Chang & Zachary Cain 

Class Video Commissioner

Freshman Class Council

Class President
Silas Adkins 

Class Vice President
Brady Callagy  

Class Secretary
Anand George   

Class Athletic Officer
Phoenix Kelly-Zuckerman

Class Spirit Commissioner
Jusiah Vinson

Class Campus Ministry Officer
Aram Jabagchourian

Class Environmental Officer
Dimitri Gavallos

Class Performing Arts Office
Dev Suraj

Class SERT Officer
 Colin Hu, oah Greenspan
& Ian MacDonnell

Class Video Commissioner
Jaden Navarro
& Vincent Schelstraete