Class of 2020 Senior Profiles

We are so proud of YOU!

Seniors, we are pleased to share with our community your incredible achievements, memories and some of the special experiences that you have had here at Serra. Each one of you have made your mark and we are so proud to showcase our phenomenal Padres from the Class of 2020!

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Samir AbiEzzi
Charlie Allara
Seabass Anderson
TJ Avila
James Barba
Giuseppe Benedetti
Connor Bernard
Eric Boncore
Erick Boyes
Kevin Bryan
Ryan Carbullido
Alexander Carlson
Shane Carolan
Andrew Carr-Wallace
Chad Cliff
Owen Connolly
Ben Cook
Nikko Cordero
Seabass Cruz
Ricky Damico
Alec Desuasido
Nick Disco
Drew Dowd
Thomas Dunn
Dylan Eaton
Nick Erikson
Hayden Farsad
Daniel Gamino
Jerry Gaoteote
Diego Garcia
Gabe Giacotto
Will Goldberg
Gavin Grech
Charlie Gross
Julian Guevara
Rabih Haddad
Jakob Hanks
Victor Hernandez
Chase Hertel
Dylan Hornstein
Liam Kilbridge
Joshua Kingsley
Payton Kuta
Max Landaverde
Kyle Lespade
Robert Liang
Joshua Lu
Cesar Madrigal
Aidan Marca
Chris Mattis
Reniel Medina
Owen Miller
Anthony Montenegro
Ryan Nakahara
Jack Nauman
Alan Ou
Shiv Patel
Nick Pera
Jack Peterson
Josef Polacek
Aidan Pond
Adrian Primo
Abhay Pratap Purewal Legha
Kevin Ramos-Garzon
Matt Rollandi
David Shao
Muti Shuman
Aidan Sun
Ray Taft
Riley Taylor
Greg Tech
Reilly Thompson
Charlie Thrift
Lars Touhey
Carson Trimmer
Curt Tyler
Michael Villar
Owen Wiley
George Zhao