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Dozens of clubs and organizations encourage Serra students to explore their interests and talents. Joining a club is a great way to get involved in the Serra community, while building lasting friendships with fellow Padres and girls from Mercy and Notre Dame.

Find a club that you'd like to join!

Art Club

The Art Club is designed for students who enjoy working with various mediums to create artwork, participating in contests, learning new techniques in art, viewing films about artists and art, and organizing trips to museums.

Club Moderator: Veronica Medda

Audio/Visual and Performing Arts Club

The AV Club is a club devoted to technical theater, especially in the areas of professional sound and lighting design and operation.

Club Moderator: Lawrence Long

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club is designed for students who are interested in meeting fellow Padres and learning the sport of Badminton.

Club Moderator: Michael Keller

Bay Scholars' Club

Members of the Bay Scholars Club are selected by the Bay Scholars organization. Criteria is based on GPA and Principal recommendation. The club adopts the philosophy of paying it forward.  

Club Moderator: Maryann O'Leary

BBQ Club

Serra’s hottest club on campus was created for students to learn and share the secrets of the art of grilling—from tailgating to backyard entertaining—in a hands-on environment.

Club Moderators:
Ted Morton
Jed Adler

Big Brothers Club

Big Brothers is made up of a group of juniors who serve as Big Brothers to freshmen. Club members support individual freshmen and support the Frosh Orientation weekend with Campus Ministry and Activities.

Club Moderators: Billy Byrnes and Miguel Martinez

Block Society Club

The Block Society Club is one of the oldest clubs at Serra. Made up of students who have excelled in the areas of athletics, academics, service or performing arts (and have earned their "Block S"), the Block Club supports school activities and is active in various areas of service.

Club Moderator: Patrick Duggan

Bowling Club

Open to beginners or seasoned veterans, the Bowling Club meets once a week for competition in both the fall and spring. The group also sponsors a yearly student-faculty tournament.

Club Moderators: Jeff Thomas & Eric Plett

Business Innovation Club

The Business and Innovation Club is a forum for students who wish to learn and share business, innovation and entrepreneurial skills among other Serra students. It is open to all classes -- freshmen to seniors. We will build basic skills, such as, resume building, job interviewing, and gaining valuable insights from outside speakers who are successful executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs across a wide range of professional fields and business enterprises, from technology, biochemistry, finance, real estate, and many other fields.

Club Moderator: Barb Luis

Club Website

Canvas & Clay Club

This club provides students the opportunity to express themselves artistically through the use of various mediums, including both canvas and ceramics.

Club Moderator: Clara Lonardo

Close-Up Club

If you dream of climbing the steps of the United States Capitol or lobbying for your favorite cause, then consider signing up for the Close-Up Club. Join other Padres in their quest to make a difference by learning about the important role of citizens in a democracy. Close Up is a weeklong program jam-packed with the sights and sounds of Washington D.C. The program brings students to the heart of Washington to see the United States government in action. Students meet face-to-face with members of Congress, leading policy experts and influential lobbyists during question-and-answer sessions and debates.

Club Moderator: Kevin Carey

Creative Writing Club

Overall, the goal of the Creative Writing Club is to provide budding young authors with time to practice the craft, realistic feedback, and an opportunity to publish.

Every Wednesday afternoon, members gather to tackle a given prompt, spending as much of the thirty minutes of writing time that they can penning their best effort. Prompts vary in function and style; we might tackle a non-fiction narrative about the state of politics one Wednesday, and attempt the following week to repeat three times in a work of fiction a singular phrase that carries three different meanings. Once writing time is over, members read aloud and the group offers positive feedback and constructive criticism. This past year, the club revived Serra's literary magazine 451 Press so that we might have a medium to share our work with the rest of the Serra Community.

New members are always welcome, regardless of writing ability. All you have to do is show up with pen, paper, and the desire to write.

Club Moderator: Patrick Vallez-Kelly

Crossfit Club

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Serra's CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

Club Moderator: Chris Quiery

CSF Club

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) recognizes our top academic students. CSF points are awarded on a scale with three points for a semester A and one for a B, with 10 points required.

Club Moderators: Karen Ghidossi and Jane Zoucha

Cycling Club

Road cycling, mountain biking, and racing are all part of the Cycling Club. Featured activities include various rides throughout the bay area and the opportunity to hear speakers on bike safety, form, and endurance.

Be a part of Serra History! Join the mountain biking team and compete in a co-ed sport with other high schools in Northern California. No experience is necessary--training camps, team rides and equipment are available for support. Most rides and races take place on Sundays, so even if you're on another team, you could join!

Club Moderator: Mary Dowden

Democracy Now Club

The Democracy Now Club is designed to facilitate discussions on current political topics and propositions, and to follow local and global election results.

Club Moderator: Sean Dugoni

Fantasy Sports Club

The Fantasy Sports Club is for students who love to follow sports. Students meet before the beginning of the NFL, NBA and MLB seasons to draft their teams and manage them for the season.

Club Moderator: Chris Houle

Film Club

The Serra Film Club is aimed at bringing together students who have a passion for any and all aspects of film. Students have the opportunity to participate in writing, acting, directing, editing and producing short films, as well as viewing and critically reflecting on student and professionally produced films of varying genres and time periods.

Club Moderator: Dan Nolan

French Club*

The French Club provides students an opportunity to experience fine French restaurants, French cinema and francophone culture around the bay area.

Club Moderator: Madame Dowden

Garage Band Club

The Garage Band Club offers informal meetings for musicians of all levels to share ideas, jam and have fun with other students who share a passion for music.

Club Moderator: Ted Morton

Green Club

The Green Club was created to help students increase awareness about their environment and to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. The club educates students on the many aspects of our environment, how they are affecting us, and how we can improve them.

Club Moderator: Meghan Flynn

Improv Club

Want to be quick witted, spontaneous and funny?  Then the Improv Club is for you. We also have performances during the school year.

Club Moderator: Gary Meegan

Justice and Peace Club

The Justice and Peace Club seeks to improve the quality of life of our brothers and sisters around the world through social justice work. The club promotes a society where the fundamental rights due to all humanity are made available to all. Our goal is to show the world that people united as one can be a vibrant force and catalyst for change.

Club Moderator/s:
Billy Byrnes
Christian Cahill

Mock Trial Team

Students actively experience the excitement of a courtroom setting, where they work in teams, exchange ideas, set goals, and examine issues. By studying hypothetical cases and preparing strategies and arguments for trial, students also improve their presentation skills.

Club Moderator: Dr. Christopher Buckels '01

Please click here to be directed to Serra's Mock Trial Club website.


Multicultural Club*

Students celebrate holidays of different cultures and share their cultures' special spirit and customs with others.

Club Moderators: Julie Chen and Yvonne Talavera

National Business Honor Society

The NBHS is an academic organization affiliated through the National Business Education Association that recognizes dynamic student achievement in business education at the high school level.

Club Moderator: Chris Houle

National Honor Society

Members of the National Honor Society are selected by a faculty committee from applicants who are juniors and seniors with a minimum of a 3.5 unweighted grade point average, or a 3.7 weighted GPA, who have displayed leadership, service and excellent character. The group assists students with tutoring.

Club Moderators: Mrs. Karen Ghidossi and Mrs. Jane Zoucha

Off-Road Club

The Off Road Club is a club that explores nature and the various types of vehicles that are used to explore rugged terrain!

Club Moderator: Lars Lund

Ping Pong Club

Stop by to enjoy a quick pick-up game of ping pong. Students of varying degrees of ping pong experience are welcome to join.

Club Moderators: Tom Monaghan & Renan Pineda

Robotics Club*

Robotics combines software, electronics, mechanical engineering, power tool use, game strategy, marketing and community relations to form a team of students who compete against Bay Area schools by constructing a robot.

Club Moderator: Lee Torno

Rock Climbing Club

The mission of the Rock Climbing Club is to conquer the rock walls of our local indoor climbing gyms with ambitions of learning a new and fun recreational activity. This club will consist of weekly meetings held at school on Club days (in room 214) and monthly events at the Planet Granite Gym in Belmont, San Francisco or Sunnyvale. We have hopes of pursuing even more rigorous activities in the outdoors such as Castle Rock.

Club Moderator: Mary Dowden

Science Club

Can’t get enough? Join the science club to participate in more hands- on science activities; be a part of bringing science to life.

Club Moderator: Tara Mann


Love to sing?  Join the Serranaders . . .  our very own acapella group. Students participate in various performances, including a special Christmas performance for the community.

Club Moderator: Tamara Stephens

Speech and Debate Club

The Speech and Debate Club is open for all students who wish to build useful skills for public speaking and quick thinking through debate tournaments based around issues in our society today.

Club Moderator: TBA

Sports Boosters / Yell Leaders

Want to be a part of what make Serra games great? Join the Padre Sports Boosters Club. Members will participate in planning various half-time activities and will participate in creating that very special game experience that our Padres love so much.

Club Moderators: Chuck Rapp and Ray Baldonado

Sports Broadcasting Club

Join in the fun! Learn how to do play-by-play broadcasts. Club members will have the opportunity to participate in broadcasting and announcing at our Padre sporting events

Club Moderator: Ed Taylor

Sports Information Club

Working in conjunction with Serra athletics staff, sports information club members assist with game photos, video and written content for Serra’s website and social media platforms. Opportunities abound at every level of competition for the Padres’ 14 sports teams. Students are encouraged to hone their image and video editing techniques with mobile/desktop editing software. Opportunities are also available for player and team written features as well as audio/video interview.

Club Moderator: Jonathan Allen

Tri-M Music Honor Society

This is a national organization for students who excel in music and academics. It is is designed to embrace and spread the love of music.

Club Moderator: Tamara Stephens

Trivia Club

For those who enjoy unusual facts and extraordinary bits of information or just want to stump a friend on an extra tough question, the Trivia Club will meet your interests. The club hosts quiz-show type competitions at lunch for students, faculty and staff.

Moderator: Randy Vogel

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The Flyin' Friars, Serra's disc tossing, catching, bending, flipping, hammering ultimate team is back! Make plans to join them in the fields and open spaces of San Mateo.

Club Moderator: Eric Plett

Video Game Club

The Video Game Club gives Padre gamers of all levels a fun and exciting social atmosphere to compete during tournament or open play, share their skills and socialize with other gamers.

Moderator: Dan Nolan

*Tri-School Involvement

Serra Mock Trial club members compete in the Redwood City Courthouse in front of real attorneys and real judges.


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