Aidan Walker

Congratulations to Aidan Walker who has been accepted into Santa Clara University’s prestigious Department of Computer Science and Engineering. 

In the next decade AIdan said he hopes to apply his studies in computer science.

“I see myself as a video game developer either heading projects for a successful development studio or having made my own.”

A member of the crew team his freshman year, Aidan spent his sophomore through senior year active in the Tri-School plays and musicals. During the second semester of his senior year, Aidan joined the Serranaders. 

The unique brotherhood among Padres is a Serra tradition that Aidan is most proud of. He said that his time at Serra has,”allowed me to meet the people who have made me a better person. If I had never gone to Serra and met the friends I care so much about, then I would not be the person I am today without them.”

Memories like the feeling of being on stage during productions at Serra or overcoming the difficult concepts in Mr. Plett’s physics class will stay with him forever. 

He will also never forget the encouragement he received from his family.

“Thank you all for your constant support,” Aidan said. “Mom and Dad, I will make sure that I exceed your expectations and that I will continue to be a person you are proud of.”

You make Serra proud, Aidan! Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck at SCU!