Alessio Pugliese

If you could take a snapshot of the future in 10 years, Alessio Pugliese said you’d find him “in a city on my way to a business in which I create and operate.” This future plan comes after he studies business management and administration at Chico State University this fall. 

“Serra taught me discipline and humility, which formed me into the man I am today--I am prepared to take on the world ahead of me,” he said. 

Alessio played for Serra’s tennis team all four years of high school and was also a member of the bowling club and the sports debate club. 

One of his largest accomplishments to date, is “getting through high school and being a three-year varsity athlete,” he said. 

Many moments at Serra will stay with Alessio when he goes on to college, one of the top being, “I will always remember the Serra brotherhood and the love we all have for one another.” 

He will also remember his history classes. 

“Mr. Goyette and history were my favorite teacher and subject throughout all of high school. His class is fun and captivating which really makes you want to participate,” he said. 

To his supportive family, Alessio is so grateful. 

“Thank you, Mom and Pop, for always being by my side, even when times got tough, and thank you for always supporting me throughout my life.”

A quote that guides Alessio is by the great Muhammad Ali, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."

We are so proud of you, Alessio, and are excited to see all that you accomplish in life!

Best of luck at Chico!