Avery Lanier

It’s off to the Lone Star State for Avery Lanier, who plans to study English at the University of Dallas this fall. 

A member of the stage crew throughout most of high school, Avery was also a member of the creative writing club his sophomore year. 

Avery said he will always value Mr. Carey’s AP U.S. History class. “Now I have a comprehensive understanding of the entirety of U.S. history and why the U.S. ended up where it is now.”

History wasn’t all that Avery was taught at Serra. 

“I feel like Serra has helped me build character,” he said. “Throughout high school I had ups and downs, but I learned to grow from those situations and become someone better than when I entered high school.”

Avery is proud to be graduating from Serra, coining it as his greatest accomplishment thus far. He said he is grateful to his family for the opportunity. 

“Thank you to all my family for all the support you've given me throughout high school,” he said. 

Congratulations, Avery! All the best in Texas!