Brian Guevara

Brian Guevara is off to Chapman University this fall to study journalism, and in a decade, he said you will find him “spreading happiness in all my endeavors, no matter what they are.”

As a sophomore, Brian was a member of the Green Club and was the environmental officer on the student council, a trivia club member all four years and a big brother senior year. 

Along with the clubs, Brian said he will always remember playing hoops on the blacktop during his lunch break everyday for four years. He will also remember the Jungle Game, his favorite Serra tradition, and Mr. Pineda’s Honors Spanish 3-4 class, which he said was always “so interactive brought me closer to my Hispanic roots.”

Brian said his greatest accomplishment in life is getting to further his education in college. 

He said that Serra has had a heavy hand in shaping him into the man he is today.

“Serra has given me an education in terms of sciences and arts, but also in being a great man and a great human being,” he said. “It has taught me to be a kind and giving person.”

To his family, Brian is so grateful for their support. 

“Thank you guys for supporting me in everything I do. I am glad to have made you guys proud and I will always appreciate you guys,” he said. “Mom, dad, and my best friend and sister, Andrea, thank you for guiding me down the right path.”

All the best to you, Brian, with your studies at Chapman! Congratulations!