Christopher Albovias

Christopher Albovias is off to San Francisco State University, where he plans to study pathology.
A member of the crew team all four years at Serra, Christopher was also a member of the band, jazz band and the Yoga Club. 

Christopher said that Serra has taught him a valuable life lesson that he will utilize forever. 

“Serra has taught me that through failure there is opportunity to grow and adapt and avoid future failures,” he said. 

One thing Christopher will always remember at Serra are the friends he has made along the way. He will also fondly remember his science classes.

“My favorite subject is science,” he said. “Science relates to how the world works and the mechanics of the universe, therefore science can be applied to almost everything, making it the best subject.”

In 10 years, Christopher is not sure where he’ll be but he said it will be, “hopefully without glasses.”

Best of luck to you, Christopher! San Francisco State University is lucky to have you!