Daniel Meza

Daniel Meza sums up his high school experience as “long nights in the theater with the boys, singing a capella with my friends, and of course, the triumphs and defeats, and the epic highs and lows of high school football.”

In the fall, Daniel will begin his studies at UCLA, where he plans to study biology.

While at Serra, Daniel was in band as a freshman, the Serranaders and the Spring Musical his junior and senior year, and a member of SerraNoters, National Honors Society and the Dive Manager his senior year. 

Meza is very excited about his future and hopes that in 10 years he’ll be completing his surgical residency. 

His gratitude for those around him is evident and to his close circle, he said, “To my family: I appreciate and love you all. Although I haven't done much, I'm glad that you pretend to be impressed. To my friends: Thank you for being yourselves. You have impacted me more than you know. To my boys: We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, I'm excited to see what you'll all become and do.”

Daniel is equally grateful for the many experiences he shared with his teachers at Serra. 

“If I were forced to pick a singular favorite teacher, I would have to go with Dr Mann. Her expertise and passion for biology was a real inspiration. Although the class I had was wet, rowdy, and wild, she continued to teach us biology in increasingly interesting and effective fashions.”

However, he said he would be remiss if he were to not mention other teachers he had that were locked in a four-way tie for second place. 

“Mr Dugoni, Mr Carey, Mr Grosey, and Mr Sullivan are each so unique and great in their own way,” he said. 

“Mr Dugoni's banter is unmatched. He plays in his own league. Politicians wish they were as conversational as he is. Mr Carey's ability to teach almost anybody U.S. history enough that they can score a 5 on the AP test is downright incredible. Mr Grosey's sunny disposition was an absolute pleasure to experience every other day, and was more than enough to put a smile on my face. Mr Sullivan's personality is even bigger than his heart. The man is just so interesting. I could talk to him for days and be entranced by his mandolin playing for many more.”

And for the unnamed teachers that rounded out Daniel’s high school experience, he said, 

“Junipero Serra High School indubitably shaped me into the man that I am today and continue to be. It has done that through its excellent academic programs and through teaching me the importance of service.”

All the best in your bright future, Daniel! Go Bruins!