Dominic Batshon

In 10 years, Dominic Batshon hopes to be a firefighter. He plans to head to College of San Mateo this fall to study business.

Dominic played football all four years at Serra and said the state championships this year will remain a vivid memory forever.

One of Dominic’s greatest achievements is when he earned his black belt in karate, a feat that takes both perseverance and focus.

His time at Serra helped shape him into the man he is today because, “It taught me discipline and respect,” Dominic said. He also said that Mr. Goyette is a teacher he’ll never forget, because “he is funny and helps me whenever I need it.”

A favorite quote of Dominic’s is by Actor Keanu Reeves that reads, “The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.”

All the best to you, Dominic!

Congratulations on your graduation from Serra!