Eric Yin

Eric Yin ‘20 will head to Tufts University in Massachusetts this fall, one of the country’s premiere universities dedicated to educating new leaders for a changing world.

An Eagle Scout and senior patrol leader in the Boy Scouts of America, Eric played on Serra’s Varsity Soccer Team for three years and served as the team’s captain. He has also sung choir since first grade at Kids Connection School in Foster City.

Eric’s quote to live by is, “There’s no need for stress when you believe in God’s plan,” something that will serve Eric well as he heads to the East Coast to study Economics at Tufts.

Serra taught Eric an important life lesson and that is integrity, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Eric has his family to thank for the support he has received throughout his high school years.

“I want to thank my dad, mom, and sister Sophia for being my backbone that I could always rely on. They let me be whoever I wanted and forgave me and encouraged me along the way,” Eric said.

Serra is proud of Eric for all his countless accomplishments! Tufts is lucky to have a leader like you in its freshman class!


  • 2020