Garrett Munsey

Hats off to Garrett Munsey, who is headed to Chico State University this fall to study communications media arts with an emphasis on graphic design. 

Garrett Munsey is an all-around Padre, taking advantage of many extra-curricular activities and working hard inside the classroom during his four years at Serra.

Garrett was on the track and field team as a thrower, mostly shot put for all four years at Serra and at the end of last season, he was the recipient of the Kevin Ragan Memorial Coaches’ Award for varsity track and field. During his freshman year, he was a part of the cross country team and was a member of the Garage Band Club during his sophomore year. He joined the Stage Crew for Sense and Sensibility his junior year, and was a part of the Deck Crew as well. During his senior year, he was a member of the Improv Club.

Garrett said he is most proud of himself when he does well on a test or a project, as he values the achievement of impressing a teacher.

“I’ve won certificates and awards but getting a great response from the one person I’m trying to impress, which is my teacher, tops it all,” he said. 

Padre camaraderie is Garrett’s favorite Serra tradition. “I am proud of the cheering section for the football games because without it the team wouldn’t have the strength and support they need from their fellow Padres,” he said. “I also love the Serra rallies, you are still a part of the rally just by making noises, cheering, and jumping in the stands.”

Serra has had a profound impact on Garrett. “Serra has shaped me into the man today by teaching me how to communicate with my fellow human beings by not just with words, but with action that could change their lives.”

In the next decade, Garrett hopes to take the self-discipline and composition he learned at Serra and apply it to business.

“I see myself in 10 year as someone who is working on something very important where I have to carry my own weight and not depend on someone else for success.”

To his supportive family, he is eternally grateful.

“To all my family members, thank you so much for helping make my Serra experience so memorable. To my parents, thank you for all the love and support you have given me. Sorry for the times I might have driven you guys crazy, but thanks for never giving up on me. To my brothers and cousin who graduated and who continue to go to Serra, thanks for teaching me how to live like a Serra Padre. Without you guys I would be lost.”

All the best to you, Garrett! Chico is lucky to have you! Congratulations on your graduation!