Henry Gish

Henry Gish is off to Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania this fall to study history, the start of what he hopes will result in a career as a history professor. 

Henry reflects fondly on his history classes at Serra, and how Mr. Goyette made the subject so interesting.

“My favorite teacher is Mark Goyette, he teaches world history in sophomore year and government and economics senior year,” he said. “He made history, government and econ interesting by cracking history jokes.”

Henry played lacrosse as a freshman, tennis as a sophomore and was a part of the Serra jazz band all four years of high school. 

Music is special to Henry, and one of his life’s accomplishments, “playing live music on the radio with a band.”

Henry said of his high school experience, “Serra has shaped me to be more considerate of others, and care for others less fortunate than me. Serra has also made me appreciate what I have and understand that I am lucky to be where I am.’’

Congratulations, Henry! Best of luck at Mercyhurst!