Irwin Salamanca

Irwin Salamanca will never forget the Saturday when the lacrosse team was going to face Palma. “The bus broke down on our way there, the game had to be played late, and we made a comeback.” Memories like these make the Serra brotherhood even stronger, according to Irwin.

Irwin was a member of the lacrosse team senior year, Video Game Club freshman year, Ultimate Frisbee Club freshman and junior year and the Science Club senior year.

This fall, Irwin will head to San Francisco State University, where he plans to study computer engineering. 

His four years at Serra have shaped him intellectually and individually, he said. 

“Serra taught me that everybody has a chance to succeed as long as you put in the work. No matter your talent level, there is always a chance for you to shine,” he said. “Serra also taught me to be patient as a time will always come where people recognize your success and character.”

Irwin is grateful to his family and said, “You let me learn things the hard way, making me understand how much more there is to grow and how much more there is to come. Thank you for being there.”

Congratulations on your graduation and on your future at SFSU! You make Serra proud!