Isaac Margolis

Isaac Margolis will always remember Mr. Taylor not only for his incredible theology classes but also the life lessons he taught.

“I remember his "You Are Not a Padre Yet" speech, which significantly impacted me. It made me want to live up to something, it made me want to live a life of faith and service,” Isaac said.

Mr. Taylor’s encouragement is just one of many ways that Serra has shaped Isaac into the man he is today.

“Serra shaped me into the man I am today by emphasizing how important brotherhood is,” he said. “Not only is it a school rule, it is also a way of life that I cherish and do my best at living up to it every day.”

While at Serra, Isaac was a member of the junior varsity golf team his junior year, a big brother junior year and a member of Encounter this year. Isaac was also a member of the video game club freshman year through junior year. He said one high school memory that will stick with him forever is the Jungle Game.

Isaac is off to Washington State University in the fall with plans to study bioengineering. In a decade, Isaac hopes to be “in a home that makes me feel comfortable like my childhood home, with a wife, and a good paying job.”

He thanks his parents for the sacrifices they have made for him.

“Mom and Dad, thank you very much for letting me go to Serra -- none of this would have been possible if I went somewhere else,” Isaac said.  “Thank you for believing in me and, finally, thank you so much for teaching me to aspire to something greater than what I currently am.”

Congratulations, Isaac! All the best to and your future at Washington State!