Jack Bevilacqua

Jack Bevilacqua is off to Ole Miss in the fall to study business. While he is away at University of Mississippi, he said he will hold his years as a Padre dear to his heart. 

Jack comes from a long line of Padres, with his brother in the Class of 2010, cousins in classes of 2018 and 2022.

“I have grown up admiring Serra, watching and looking up to the football team and dreaming for the day where I got to experience my journey through those historic halls,” Jack said. “It is a blessing and an honor to have attended this school and wouldn't change anything for the world.”

Jack played football and lacrosse all four years at Serra and was a big brother junior year and a member of Encounter his senior year. 

His four years playing football might well be his greatest accomplishment, Jack said. His time at Serra, he said, went too quickly, but he will always remember “the bonds that I have made with faculty and staff and my fellow brothers that are forged in steel forever.”

Along with the firm foundation built by his parents, Jack said his four years at Serra have been instrumental in his development.

“It turned me into a man that I always wanted to be -- a religious, responsible, loving, caring, compassionate and inclusive man,” he said. “I owe that all to Serra and my parents, too.”

Jack said his favorite Serra tradition is the Jungle Game and he thinks one mandatory class all Padres should take would be The History of Serra. 

If Jack could describe himself in a hashtag, it would be #blessedandthankful. 

“To God, my parents, family and the Serra community, which is my extended family, thank you so much for getting me to this point. I truly owe everything to all of you,” he said. “Your support, encouragement, and love has been a launch pad to shoot me into the person I am and aspire to be. You all are role models that will always hold a special place in my heart and I am a Serra Padre over anything else.”

To his cousin, Matthew, he leaves this advice:

“The torch has been passed to you, my man, enjoy this moment you have at that wonderful place laughing with your brothers at the lunch tables, fighting for school pride on the sports fields and finding out how to love another human being and fight for something bigger than yourself because as cliche as it sounds it goes by fast. Love you all and Padres for life.

Thanks for everything Serra, BEVO OUT!

Congratulations, Jack! You have made all Padres proud! Best of luck at Ole Miss!