Jair Campos

Jair Campos said he not only learned an immeasurable amount at Serra, but he had fun doing it. He said he will always remember the bus rides to and from the soccer away games, Mr. Taylor’s “You are not a Padre speech,” and Mr. Goyette's amazing class.

“It was an environment where I was able to learn and also have fun doing it,” Jair said. 

Jair played soccer all four years at Serra, and football as a freshman. 

This fall, Jair plans to attend Cañada College to begin his studies in business administration. 

Jair’s favorite Serra traditions are the Padre Whisper and the annual food drive. But when he considers his greatest achievement at Serra, he recalls a soccer game at SI this year where he scored both goals against SI to win the game 2-1.

In 10 years, Jair hopes to be starting a family, be financially dependent, and “still keep in touch with my brothers at Serra.”

He said his high school years have shaped him into the man he is today because it taught him such things as perseverance.

“Serra has taught me to be the man that I aspire to be, and not to settle for mediocrity,” he said. 

He is very grateful to his family for the support and the sacrifices.

“It's hard to thank someone for something that they have been doing since the day you were born, but I hope that my parents will always know that I am eternally grateful for their sacrifices -- from taking me to my soccer games, to dropping off school materials that I needed , but left at home -- I love you guys more than you can even imagine,” Jair said. 

“I am thankful for my two older brothers who have watched over me and have always been there for me, and for my little sister who never fails to bring a smile to my face.” 

He added,” to my teachers, coaches, and the friends that I have made at Serra, I love you guys and I wish the best in life for all of you.”

Congratulations, Jair! Best of luck to you in the future!