Jason Grodem

It’s hard for Jason Grodem to choose just one favorite Serra memory. It could be the friends he made at Serra, his experiences in Mr Patterson's class, or the time he fainted during the spring concert freshman year. It might be every jungle game, or the Ethics Bowl when his team placed 13th out of 30 with less than two hours of preparation.

Jason’s years in sports and extracurricular activities at Serra certainly add to those treasured high school memories. A member of the crew team from freshman to junior year, Jason was a member of the choir freshman year, the video game club all four years and as a senior was a member of the Serranaders and co-captain and co-founder of the Ethics Bowl team. 

In the fall, Jason is headed to Gonzaga University where he plans to study philosophy and biology. 

Jason’s interest in philosophy blossomed in Dr. Buckels’ class. 

“Dr. Buckels’ philosophy class was my favorite because he taught me to challenge, think, and argue in manners that I had never thought of before,” Jason said. “It also challenged my personal views and taught me how to be a more ethical person in my daily life.”

There are other ways Jason said that Serra has shaped him into the man he is today, he said.  

“It has guided me down a path of inclusion, and honesty. It has taught me to pursue truth and what is right. It also has taught me the value of community.” 

Jason is grateful for the encouragement he has received from his family, as well. 

“Thanks Mom, Dad, Justin, Charlie, and George for all your support. Also, thank you, Nate, for being my friend this long.”

In 10 years, Jason isn’t sure what he’ll be doing, but he is certain of one thing, and that’s that he’ll be a Serra alumni.

“I will be the CEO of the state of Oregon and Washington; I also will be a Serra alumni,” he said. “In all seriousness, I have no clue where I'm going to be in 10 years. I may end up becoming a truck driver, which might be pretty cool.”

Best of luck to you in whatever you choose to pursue, Jason! Congratulations on your graduation and your acceptance into Gonzaga!