Jonathan Hooper

Jonathan Hooper hopes to study finance in college and will begin his college career at College of San Mateo in the fall. 

Jonathan, who played tennis all four years at Serra, said his favorite Serra tradition is most definitely the Padre Whisper. He will also never forget the banter he witnessed at the popular Jungle Game.  

“I will always remember going to the jungle game and seeing everyone so intrigued in a game as if the crowd had something on the line,” he said.  “With so much riding on this game each crowd was constantly taunting the players or each other like a virtual argument.”

Jonathan enjoyed every history class he took at Serra.”Almost every single year I was not only excited to go to my history class, but I was actually learning. 

Some of his Serra teachers are also among people he regards as friends. 

“Most Serra teachers have been very caring and helpful when it came to my questions making me feel comfortable to learn,” he said. “Some teachers I would even regard as friends and people I would be glad to see outside of the class.”

But it is the friends he has made that really rounded out his high school experience, he said.

“My greatest accomplishment to date is becoming friends with the people that I have. I have become friends with people that I will be close with the rest of my life.”

We wish you all the best, Jonathan! Congratulations!