Joseph Kastelic

Joseph Kastelic said that lacrosse season was his favorite time of year, with “those tense moments in the locker room before game time” being something he’ll never forget. 

“I played lacrosse with a great group of guys and it was definitely my favorite experience,” he said. “I also can't forget all of those banners our teams hung in the gym.”

At Serra, Joseph played lacrosse for all four years and football until junior year. He was a Big Brother as a junior, Encounter member as a senior, a Trivia Club member for four years and a member of the National Honor Society junior and senior year. 

Joseph is off to California Polytechnic State University this fall where he plans to study industrial technology and packaging. Getting into Cal Poly, Joseph’s top school, was one of his greatest accomplishments.

Inside the classroom, Joseph’s favorite subject throughout high school was math. “I enjoy math because there are so many ways to apply it in life. It is a subject that I will always be interested in learning more,” he said. 

Joseph said his experience at Serra taught him how to manage his time and take on new responsibilities both in and out of the classroom.

He is grateful to his dedicated support system. “Thank you Mom, Dad, Braden, Riley, Ella, and my grandparents for all of your love, support, and everything you do. I couldn't have done it without you, love all of you guys!”

When asked where he’ll be in 10 years, he replied, “In the shade under a money tree.”

All the best to you at Cal Poly! Congratulations, Joseph!