Luca Schrammel

In 10 years, Luca Schrammel ‘20 said he plans to be in “a happy state, continuing to be thankful.”

Happiness and gratitude mean a lot to Luca, who attributes his high school years at Serra to helping him to “understand the person and man I am, through experiences and the holy spirit that guides Serra.”

During his time at Serra, Luca ran cross country all four years and was on the track and field team freshman and sophomore years and also wrestled his junior year.

His biggest accomplishment to date: You guessed it -- being happy. His favorite quote is “I'd rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.”

Luca’s favorite Serra tradition is the annual Prune Rally; however, he will always hold fond memories of his time with teachers Mr. Taylor and Dr. Buckles. “They were very important in my high school life and still are,” Luca said. “Their dedication to loving your neighbor is something to look up to.”

To his family, Luca said, “Thank you for creating a world that I can be me in. I love you.”

Luca will attend College of San Mateo this fall where he hopes to prepare for a field in the electrical trade.

Congratulations, Luca! Best of luck to you in the future!