Matthew Baumann

Matthew Baumann will never forget the first day he walked the halls of Serra High School and was told by Mr. Taylor that freshmen become Padres after they prove themselves. Armed with four years of experiences, Matthew is a proud Padre and is grateful for the lessons he learned becoming one.

“Serra has shaped me into the man I am today purely because of the amazing examples set around me. From having some of the most knowledgeable, kind-hearted teachers around me to peers who are always willing to lend a hand, I feel like I've been able to take bits and pieces from everybody I've ever interacted with at Serra and that has all accumulated to make me the man I am today,” he said.

Matthew will attend Chapman University in the fall where he plans to begin his studies in business marketing. 

An editor and freelance writer for the Serra Friar, Matthew was also a member of the science club. 

He loved Mr. Carey’s class for pushing him beyond his natural classroom interest in history.

“Mr. Carey was one of the teachers who made me want to learn because I was involved in the class and I really enjoyed the classroom experience, and even found myself researching far beyond the parameters of the class due to sheer curiosity.” 

Self-employed since junior year, Matthew founded his own photography business, which he attributes as his greatest accomplishment to date.

He is deeply grateful to his parents, and said, “I would like to thank my parents for sacrificing so much to let me go to the schools I want to and pursue the education of my choice freely while always helping guide me down the right path.”

Congratulations, Padre! All the best to you at Chapman, Matthew!