Matthew Belville

Restoring an old Chevy flatbed truck destined to be crushed at a junkyard turned out to be one of Matthew Belville’s greatest accomplishments. 

“I replaced many parts of the truck and made upgrades to it with the money I earned working at a local family-owned grocery store,” Matthew said. “Seeing how the truck changed from being abandoned to drivable has been a huge accomplishment.” 

Improvements to the diesel-powered truck included new tires, wheels, windows, bumper, muffler, interior and more, making the truck look brand new. 

“Not only has this been an accomplishment,” Matthew said, “I learned valuable lessons about hard work, determination and staying motivated throughout the process.”

This incredible dedication is what has propelled Matthew in his studies and extracurricular activities at Serra, and ultimately what got him accepted to University of Nevada, Reno, this fall, where he plans to study business. 

A member of the crew team freshman and sophomore years, Matthew was also a member of the Frisbee, ping pong and barbecue clubs throughout high school.  

His memories at Serra are many, from Algebra 2 with Mr. Carter to Frisbee during lunch with Mr. Kearns, and all of the good times and laughter he has experienced with his fellow Padres. 

“I'll always remember the friendships I made throughout high school and the bond we've created. I love each and every one of you guys and all the great times and many laughs we've shared together,” Matthew said. 

Mr. Carter, he said, made his least favorite subject more than “tolerable.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Carter, for being an educator that truly cares about his students, always having my back, encouraging me and making math class a fun experience,” Matthew said.  “You helped shape me into the person I am today. You are and will continue to be a blessing in my life.”

Respect, honesty and integrity are just a few of the qualities that Serra has instilled in Matthew. 

“Serra has shown me how to be a man of God and how to follow my word. To be honest with my teachers and parents and to always push forward to meet my goals,” he said. “But most of all, Serra has shown me how to be a part of a true brotherhood.”

Matthew said his time at Serra is something he is so grateful his family provided for him. 

“Serra has been a gift that I cannot repay you for. The skills you have taught me, and the ones I learned while attending Serra will never be forgotten.” 

To his parents, “My parents have always made me feel like the happiest kid in the house, no matter what type of nonsense I caused. Thank you for being the best parents I could ever ask for.” 

Congratulations, Matthew! Best of luck tackling new projects and accomplishing your goals at UNR!