Milo Cava

Milo Cava said he will never forget the special times he had with his Serra baseball teammates. 

“It was the little things that I will remember and that meant the most -- just being able to spend time after practice in the clubhouse with the boys, or enjoying all of the long bus rides after a big win, or getting together to put in extra work when no one was watching,” he said. “These things are where our bonds were formed and became strongest. It would have made us a very special team this season.”

While his senior year varsity season was cut short, the memories are long and will be cherished, he said. 

Milo played baseball all four years at Serra, was a big brother junior year and wore various hats for the Serra Friar, including as the arts and entertainment editor junior year and a freelance sports reporter senior year. 

Milo is off to Cañada College in the fall where he hopes to begin his studies in kinesiology.  

When he contemplates his greatest accomplishment, Milo said it was after pitching during a regular season game against SI his junior year. 

“I had been working really hard, and I finally got an opportunity to start a game, and it was against SI, obviously one of our biggest rivals,” he remembered. “I pitched over five innings and ended up getting the win!”

He said it wasn’t just the win, it was “the moment my confidence as a varsity pitcher really took off and I came to the realization that my hard work would pay off if I always stick to it and push myself, so it was a big moment for me.”

Serra, Milo said, has been woven into so many life lessons that he said will continue beyond graduation. 

“I have learned all about hard work and doing the right thing, and I know that I am fully prepared to go into adulthood and be the man that I should be, and am expected to be,” he said. “Almost every good virtue and quality that has been taught to me has come from my time at Serra.”

He also attributes much of his success to his supportive family. 

“Thank you to all of my family for all that you guys have done these last four years while I have been at Serra. All of your sacrifices and help with me having the best possible high school experience has not gone unnoticed and I greatly appreciate it. Love you guys!”

All the best to you, Milo! We know you will continue to accomplish those goals!