Nathan Behrendt

Congratulations to Nathan Behrendt, who is off to Loyola Marymount University this fall, where he plans to study bioengineering. 

Nathan said his time at Serra taught him many things and he learned many life lessons there. 

“If I had to sum up a few lessons being here has taught me, I'd probably say that Serra has taught me that life doesn't always turn out like you think it will, but if you stay on the positive side of things, It'll end up being an enjoyable ride anyways.”

Nathan was on the varsity crew team freshman and sophomore years and the wrestling team sophomore and junior years. He was active in robotics freshman year, the Serra Friar junior and senior year, and during his senior year, a member of Campus Ministry, the National Honors Society and Serranaders.

One of Nathan’s fondest memories and greatest accomplishments occurred during his time on the Serra Crew Team. 

“While this may seem a bit shallow, I feel like the day that I pulled a 2k under seven minutes in my sophomore crew season was one of the greatest accomplishments -- not because it was something that was hard -- but because it was something that was important to me,” he said. 

Nathan said he remembered people trying to talk him out of moving sports, saying that he wouldn't rise through the ranks in either sport. 

“That day that I broke that milestone was an affirmation that the life choices that I had made were the right ones, and honestly, the pure euphoria made that day the best day of my life,” Nathan said. 

He said he is grateful to his family. 

“Thank you so much for one, putting up with me and my antics for all of these years, and two, for putting me through Serra. The school has definitely changed me for the better, and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate the sacrifices and toil that went into sending me here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Congratulations and all the best at LMU, Nathan! The sky's the limit!