Niko Sarles

If you ask Niko Sarles what his favorite Serra tradition is, he would tell you it is the brotherhood and the incredible Serra community that supports it. 

Niko was very involved at Serra. He was on the Serra swim team all four years and in the off-season, he was for his club team, PASA. A member of the BBQ Club as a freshman, Niko was also involved in the Film Club his freshman through senior year and the Art Club as a senior. He was a member of Kairos 24 and an usher for all school masses. He remembers his immersion trip to East Los Angeles as being one of the most memorable experiences he had as a Serra student.

This fall, Niko is off to DePaul University in Chicago, where he plans to study user experience design. He is proud of this, and said, “My greatest accomplishment to date is getting into my top college with a great scholarship.”

In a decade, Niko said he hopes to be doing what he loves.

“In 10 years, I see myself working as a designer at a technology company designing solutions to problems in society,” he said. “I want to design products and/or services that are curated to the consumer.”

He added that he hopes to have a family and live either in a big city or on the coast in sunny Southern California.

Wherever life takes Niko, the values that Serra have instilled in him will be there too.

“Serra has shaped me into the man I am today by teaching me how to embrace problems and learn how to overcome them. Serra has taught me how to get closer to God and understand his true meaning in my life,” Niko said. “During my four years, Serra has shaped me into a man of wisdom by guiding me in using my resources to their full potential. I also volunteer in my own community, wanting to give back to those who are less fortunate.”

To his family, Niko is most grateful for their sacrifices and support.

“I want to thank my family who has mentored and supported me throughout my entire life leading up to this point. They coach me in making the right decisions, which ultimately help me learn valuable life lessons that I will utilize throughout my life. My family has been here for me no matter what. I will always love and appreciate everything they do for me. I love you mom, dad, and Christina.”

Congratulations on your graduation and future studies at DePaul! All the best to you, Niko!