Ryan Bruins

Congratulations to Ryan Bruins, who is off to University of Mississippi, affectionately known as Ole Miss, to begin his college career. Ryan was accepted into many colleges, and remains something he is extremely proud of. 

At Serra, Ryan participated in varsity lacrosse, freshman football, Frisbee Club, and Campus Ministry. He led Kairos 27 and sophomore retreats, as well as many advisory meetings.

One of Ryan’s favorite Serra traditions is the Jungle Game and he said, “I will always remember storming the court after the winning buzzer beater Parker made to win the Jungle Game my freshman year.”

Ryan said Serra helped him deepen his faith in God, myself, and my peers. 

“I have learned what it means to be a brother and be there for somebody when they need it. Serra has also helped me in school to understand myself and how I best learn,” he said. 

His favorite teacher is one he had all four years -- for homeroom, philosophy and theology. 

“Dr. Buckels has always been my favorite teacher at Serra. He never fails to brighten up all of my mornings, and is extremely patient and understanding in all of his classes,” Ryan said. “He is always there when you need help, whether it is for a project, homework, or something completely non-school related.”

Ryan hopes to work in real estate once he is out of college and in 10 years, he sees himself as an agent in Southern California. 

He is grateful to his parents for all their help along the way.

“Thank you to both my parents, for constantly pushing me to do my best, believing in me, and being the most proud after I have tried my hardest.”

All the best to you in college! Ole Miss is lucky to have you!