Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson is off to Skyline College next year, where he plans to play basketball and study business. 

Basketball has been a theme throughout Ryan’s time at Serra. He played basketball all four years at Serra and during his junior year his team made Jungle Game history, coming back from 20 points in the biggest comeback in the history of the game.

“My greatest accomplishment was receiving 2nd Team all WCAL my senior year.”

His time at Serra showed Ryan a great deal about the person he is and who he wants to be. 

“Serra has taught me to be more optimistic about everything that is thrown my way in life,” he said. “I learned how to be more of a positive person and more of someone who sees the glass as half full in even the hardest of times.”

Time spent in Mrs. Lowenstein’s class will be something he always remembers.

“Mrs. Lowenstein was my favorite teacher -- she allowed me to be myself and always taught me about things inside and outside the classroom,” Ryan said. “Office hours in her room with all my friends playing music will never be forgotten.”

In 10 years, Ryan hopes to be living a well-rounded life. “I see myself as a successful business man changing the world one step at a time, and being the best parent and husband I could possibly be.”

He is thankful to his family, who have supported all of Ryan’s endeavors.

“I just want to say thank you for everything you do for me -- from the most important things to the littlest things,” he said. “My whole family is my backbone. They support me when I succeed and they hold me up when I fail. I will forever love you guys and thank you for always believing in me.”

Congratulations, Ryan! We are all so proud of you!