Sasha Kulda

Aleksandr “Sasha” Kulda will always remember the last race of every Serra swim team practice -- the winner was always able to exit the pool first. Swimming was a big part of Sasha’s high school experience, and as a junior, he was named Most Improved for his talents. 

Sasha is off to the University of Dallas, where he isn’t certain what he’ll major in, but physics is a possibility. 

At Serra, Sasha was on the crew team and as a sophomore and junior, he switched to water polo and swimming. His senior year swim season was cut short due to the COVID-19 school closure. 

Sasha said that he thinks that drama should be a mandatory course at Serra. His favorite teacher, Mr. Long, taught him more than acting.

“My favorite teacher was Mr. Long because he had passion for his class and he helped me learn how to talk in front of people,” he said. 

Sasha’s greatest accomplishment was hiking 90 miles in New Mexico, and in 10 years, he sees himself in some high level position in a corporation. 

Serra, he said, has taught him a lot, but most importantly, “It has helped me realize how to do things on my own.”

To his family, “Thank you for all of my years at Serra, and I would do it all again,” he said.

Congratulations, Sasha! All the best to you at University of Dallas!