Tariq Kurdi

Eating with the guys at lunch and exchanging jokes, messing around during office hours, going to football games, and witnessing some of the craziest jungle games in school history are memories that Tariq Kurdi will always remember. 

“The memories I made at Serra with my brothers is something that I will never forget,” he said. 

Tariq is headed to Santa Barbara City College this fall to pursue volleyball and study business. He hopes to eventually work in the fashion industry, running his own company, to be exact.  

“I think that I could see myself also giving back to those who helped shape me. I would hope to be working and living somewhere in LA or Europe doing what I love,” he said. 

A member of the volleyball team all four years, Tariq was also a basketball team manager for four years, and ran cross country as a sophomore and junior. Tariq played football as a freshman and became a football manager his senior year. He was a four-year member of the Student Council, as athletics director and executive council his senior year. A member of Campus Ministry all four years, Tariq was also a big brother and member of Encounter.  

Tariq’s combined experiences at Serra have shaped him into the man he is today. “Serra has shaped me into the man I am today by challenging me and instilling values that I am going to take with me into the world,” he said. “Serra taught me how to work hard for what I want in life.”

His Serra teachers, such as Mr. Dugoni and Mr. Nolan, and Mr. Goyette, were ones Tariq said he could always count on. 

“These were teachers that I always seemed to learn the most about life from,” he said.  “I could always count on them when I was going through something or just needed someone to talk to.”

Even outside of the classroom, Tariq said he could find support and motivation. His greatest accomplishment to date is getting into the best shape of his life, he said. 

“I would say my greatest accomplishment to date would be getting myself in shape these past several months to the point where I am feeling comfortable with myself,” he said. “This wouldn’t have been possible without the support I got from my boys and the help I got from Coach Carson and Coach Wilbur.”

Tariq said he is grateful to his parents for all the support he has received from them along the way and for the sacrifices they made for him to be a Serra Padre.

All the best to you, Tariq! Congratulations on the many accomplishments you made at Serra!