Will Mauer

A ball of nerves with adrenaline pulsing through his body . . . William Mauer said he will never forget the excited rush he received just before running onto the empty gym floor with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck blaring -- his very first rally as The Padre at Serra his senior year. 

“It was my first and favorite rally and something I will always remember,” Will said. Being The Padre, also known as Serra’s Executive Spirit Commissioner, provided Will with many thrills, including the tradition of The Padre getting his head shaved at the opening rally. 

Serra spirit runs deep for Will. A three-sport athlete as a freshman, playing football, basketball and baseball, Will decided to focus solely on football as a sophomore. 

“I was blessed to play four healthy years of football,” he said. “I was brought up to be a part of the 2017 State Championship and the 2019 state team.” The memory of winning the first ever Division 1 Northern California Championship on Serra’s home field remains one of his greatest accomplishments. “It was a nasty, rainy and windy day but the 2019 Football team pushed through all the elements and will be something we will remember forever.”

Will was also a part of Campus Ministry's Big Brother and Encounter programs as an upperclassman, and was a member of the business club sophomore and junior year. 

In the fall, Will is off to Colorado State University, where he hopes to study business marketing. 

He will head to college armed with many Serra memories and teaching moments in the classroom.

“Mr.Patterson's sophomore chemistry class would make every student laugh uncontrollably every day with his class comedy,” Will said. “However, my favorite subject was history. I was truly blessed to have the best history teachers and learned the most throughout my four years from Mr. Bosen, Mr.Goyette, Mr. Carey, and Mr.Hance.”

All of the teachers, coaches and mentors Will has had at Serra “have taught me about wisdom, humility, and life in general.” He added, “I wouldn't have the mindset I have today on life and other people without Serra High School.”

To his mom and dad, Will said, “you made the right decision sending me to Serra High School. The coaches, teachers, and the life long friendships is worth the price of tuition.”

“To my family, thank you for never missing a single game or event showing me unconditional love and support. I love you guys!”

In keeping with his responsibility as The Padre, he had this to share with his classmates: “I'm excited to see where my Class of 2020 Padre brothers go in life! Don't be strangers and reach out. Padres for life boys!”

Congratulations on being an exemplary Padre, Will! All the best in your bright future!