Student Government

The nine members of the Serra High School Executive Council are the school's elected representatives. The Executive Council is responsible for promoting efficient communication between the students, faculty, and administration. They help organize the student body, so that it may act with one voice on academic, athletic, social and other affairs. In addition, members of the Executive Council assist with the coordination of extra-curricular activities and encourage the development of school spirit through participation. Click here to download the Constitution of the Associated Students

Executive Student Council 2022-2023

Executive President
Jack Olson

Executive President
Grant Ragusa 

Daniel Heuer
Spirit Commissioner
Peter Olson
Athletics Commissioner
Jordan Zahar-Ros
Performing Arts Commissioner
David Martinez 
Environmental Commissioner
Brett Furrer
Campus Ministry Commissioner
Nathan Plumpton
SERT Commissioner
William Benton
Video Commissioner
Dale McCann & Carson Munsey

Senior Class Council

Senior Class President
Howard Qin 
Senior Class Vice President
David Robertson and Aidan Guiney 
Senior Class Secretary
Cole Mahaffey  
Senior Class Athletic Officer
Aidan Stucker 
Senior Class Spirit Commissioner
Matthew Macha 
Senior Class Campus Ministry Officer 
Senior Class Environmental Officer
Ryan Su 
Senior Class Performing Arts Officer 
Senior Class SERT Officer:
Andres Ojeda Priego 
Senior Class Video Commissioner

Junior Class Council

Junior Class President
Alex Guo 
Junior Class Vice President
Yezzen Joudeh 
Junior Class Secretary
Luke Green 
Junior Class Athletic Officer
Mason Wehmeyer   
Junior Class Spirit Commissioner
Zach Cain   
Junior Class Campus Ministry Officer
David Silvestre and Josh Lau 
Junior Class Environmental Officer
Mattias Rhee 
Junior Class Performing Arts Officer
Ian Ting  
Junior Class SERT Officer
Nathan Willbanks and Gavin Chang 
Junior Class Video Commissioner
Oliver Hendrix


Sophomore Class Officers

Class President
Carson Cattano 
Class Vice President
Brady Callagy 
Class Secretary
George Anand and Ian MacDonnell 
Class Athletic Officer
Noah Greenspan 
Class Spirit Commissioner
Jusiah Vinson  
Class Campus Ministry Officer
Aram Jabagchourian 
Class Environmental Officer
Dimitri Gavallos 
Class Performing Arts Officer
Dev Suraj 
Class SERT Officer
Ethan Antonio and Phoenix Kelly-Zuckerman 
Class Video Commissioner
Bennett Enright and Vincent Schelstraete

Freshman Class Council

Class President:
Carter Ball
Class Vice President:
Tamer Muhawieh
Class Secretary:
Enzo De Angelis
Class Athletic Officer:
Cameron Rodrigues
Class Spirit Commissioner:
Aidan Horan  
Class Campus Ministry Officer:
Dominic Kamienski  
Class Environmental Officer: TBA  
Class Performing Arts Officer:
Aaron Grace 
Class SERT Officer:
Peter Ward  
Class Video Commissioner:
Eric Huang