T H E   S E R R A   B R O T H E R H O O D

The Serra Brotherhood is a bond shared among Padres, past and present, based on the values of respect, integrity, inclusion and compassion.
Padre Brothers hold themselves and each other accountable to these values every day, as Jesus modeled in his own life. Following this example,
  • a Padre is a man of respect, treating others with love and kindness.
  • a Padre is a man of integrity, acting with honesty and fairness, seeking truth.
  • a Padre is a man of inclusion, embracing diversity and the gifts of others.
  • a Padre is a man of compassion, compelled to help others, especially those most in need.

I've grown up knowing what it means to be a Serra Padre. It means being a good man of integrity. My dad, brother and uncle are Serra Padres and have made lifelong friendships with their classmates. I've experienced the Serra brotherhood through the Executive Council, the Mission and Brotherhood Advisory Team, pole vaulting and basketball. I've made friends with whom I know will still be friends with me when I'm older."

- Matt lowenstein '19